With less than a week out from his anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor says his training camp has wrapped and he’s ready to make history.

During an interview with TheMacLife, the MMA star said he’s had a great camp and is more than confident that he will change fighting on August. 26th. “We’re ready to go and put on the performance of a lifetime… and I’m ready to change the face of the fight game… once again,” McGregor declared.

When asked if Mayweather has made a mistake by not sparring with other top MMA fighters, he said it wouldn’t matter… because “he’d need to reincarnate Bruce Lee. That would be the only person [Mayweather] could bring in [for sparring] to mimick me. I am not like any other mixed martial artist. I’m not like any other boxer. I’m in a league of my own. I will prove that August 26th.”

Regarding recent news that he and Mayweather will fight in 8-ounce gloves, McGregor said: “That’s perfect for me. The original negioations, he didn’t want any part of this. I’m very pleased. Perfect.”

Mayweather and McGregor will fight in Las Vegas on August 26th.