Ric Flair’s Fiancee Says WWE Legend Has “Multiple Organ Problems”

Ric Flair
via Instagram / Ric Flair

Following reports that he was hospitalized over the weekend, further details about Ric Flair’s status has been revealed.

His fiancee Wendy Barlow released a statement on Wednesday (Aug. 16), revealing that the WWE legend is in critical condition with “multiple organ problems”.

Flair is currently hospitalized at an Atlanta-area hospital and placed in a medical coma.

“Just want to give an update to my friends and family as I have been unable to talk on the phone without crying and just feel shocked over events,” Barlow wrote in a Facebook post. “I took Ric to the hospital Friday night with severe abdominal pain. From that moment on it all seems like a nightmare … multiple organ problems.”

She went on reveal that Flair underwent surgery, but specifically denied rumors of that it was on his colon. “Not to go into too many details I want everyone to know he still needs prayers as he is still in critical condition,” Barlow added. “And no he did not have colon surgery … it was another surgery!”

Flair is 68 years old. He’s a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, with a career that spans five decades.