Is the fascination with big boobs over? A new study from uber popular PornHub says yes.

In collaboration with Mashable, the study shows that millennials just aren’t into breasts as they once were, as compared to other age groups.

In fact, there’s fewer breast-related searches overall, but when they do search it, they tend to look up fake breasts. The most-searched term on Pornhub related to breasts is “big tits,” while “big boobs” and “huge tits” take the number two and three spots, respectively.

The state that searches for breasts the most is Wisconsin, while Mississippi makes fewest breast-related searches.

So, if they’re not searching for boobs, than what are they searching for?

PornHub VP Corey Price tells Mel Magazine that porn searches have become more diverse, with people having their own tastes in the way they consume porn.

“Could it be that millennials aren’t into breasts because, simply, they like big butts and cannot lie?” he joked. “It’s not our job to speculate but rather provide compelling data for our fans to digest and draw their own inferences from. What I can say for certain is that people have an eclectic taste when it comes to their porn consumption. Everyone has their own preference. What might be a turnoff for someone, might be a turn-on for someone else. That, in an essence, is the beauty of porn.”