Justin Bieber
via Instagram / Justin Bieber

Floyd Mayweather has promised to bring the fight to Conor McGregor, when the two face off in Las Vegas later this month. But, will be KO the UFC star?

That remains to be seen, but one of Floyd’s friends doesn’t think he can. His name is Justin Bieber.

TMZ cameras caught up with the pop star after a run at Los Angeles’ popular Runyon Canyon and asked him a number of questions… including the fight.

“You thinking Mayweather can knock him out?” the paparazzi asked.

“I don’t think so,” Bieber replied with a smile.”I think it’ll be a good fight.”

Bieber has rooted for both Mayweather and McGregor in the past, but he’s walked Floyd to the ring at a few fights. Apparently, he wants to remain neutral.

Who do you got on August 26th? Floyd Mayweather or Conor McGregor?

Oh, also during the brief chat, Bieber made it clear that he’s not opening his own church, despite reports.