Jack Daniel’s Introduces Limited Red Dog Saloon Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Red Dog Saloon Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s pays tribute to its history, with the rollout of his limited edition bottle of Jack Daniel’s Red Dog Saloon.

The release pays tribute to brand history from over 100 years ago. Back in 1892, Lynchburg was home to over 300 residents and no fewer than two bars, so Jack opened ​the Jack Daniel’s Red Dog Saloon on the Lynchburg Town Square. Inspired by the bustling saloons and bars of Nashville, the founder felt it would be a good way to expand his whiskey business… and bring the townsfolk of Lynchburg together.

Jack eventually opened two bars: the sophisticated White Rabbit Saloon and the more raucous Red Dog Saloon.

The Red Dog Saloon is thought to have sat where the town gazebo is now, but most knowledge surrounding the bar remains speculative at best… even its name.

In honor of the historical debut, Jack Daniel’s releases this special edition bottle to commemorate ​the 125th Anniversary, available now in limited quantities across the US for $29 USD.