DeLorean Flying Car
via DeLorean Aerospace

DeLorean was one of the first cars we saw take off in film, via the 1980s classic, Back to the Future II. Apparently, they’re making that far-fetched notion a reality.

Paul DeLorean, the nephew of John DeLorean, founder of the short-lived automaker, launched DeLorean Aerospace back in 2012 to develop a flying car, reprots WIRED

The latest project, dubbed the DR-7, is a flying car. The two-seater aircraft will provide personal transport, and sports a set of four wings and a pair of winglets under the two in the rear.

So far, DeLorean has created a concept model 30 feet long and 18.5 feet in width, with a working prototype scheduled to be completed by end of 2018, with test-flights to follow soon after.

Further details are unknown, but DeLorean Aerospace hopes to achieve flying at a higher altitude than previous flying car projects.

Check out the concept artwork above.