via Mika Photography / Public Domain

DMX has been sentenced to house arrest, after violating terms of his bail.

As previously reported, the rapper was facing jail time after he visited family in St. Louis without telling the judge, as he’s required to do via the terms of his bail.

According to TMZ, the rapper (born Earl Simmons) appeared in a New York courtroom on Friday (Aug. 11) and was handed house arrest, instead of jail time.

Apparently, the judge lectured DMX over the trouble he’s in and reprimanded him for failing four drug tests, which found both marijuana and cocaine in his system. Furthermore, he showed up more than 30 minutes late.

DMX is ordered to wear an ankle monitor and cannot even step outside to mow the lawn, according to the report.

DMX has been hit with 14 counts of tax fraud for evading more than $1 million in federal taxes. As part of his bail, he was required to remain sober and to inform the judge before leaving the state. He failed at both.