Ben Baller Creates New “Flower Boy” Chain For Tyler The Creator

Tyler The Creator chain from Ben Baller
via Instagram / Ben Baller

Following a brief retirement from making jewelry, Ben Baller continues to collaborate on new pieces with various people, the latest being Tyler The Creator.

The celebrity jewelry took to Instagram on Friday (Aug. 11), revealing a new chain for the rapper, in celebration of his new Flower Boy album.

The colorful piece was inspired by the coverart for Tyler’s new album, which was designed by artist Eric White. The chain features sunflowers, bees, as well as ladybugs on the personalized link.

“In my entire career as a jeweler, Tyler has always been 1 of my all time favorites to make jewelry for,” Ben Baller wrote in the caption. “T always pushes me to execute the craziest ideas into jewelry format. And he’s always been about colors and precious gems.”