via Instagram / Trina

Apparently, Trina has some female haters and she addressed them recently in a video published to social media.

In a profanity-laced clip, Trina promised to make other female rappers to kiss her feet.

“Y’all hoes want smoke,” she yells. “Well, now you got it. Y’all hoes gonna respect my motherf*ckin’ name. I’ma start making you hoes bow down and kiss my motherf*ckin’ feet. Y’all bum-ass hoes. I paved the way for y’all hoes to even speak in Miami, bitch. Don’t even talk my motherf*ckin’ name without saying motherf*ckin’ miss and if you call me a bitch, make sure you put baddest in front of it.”

While Trina doesn’t mention anyone by name, many assume she’s address fellow Florida rapper Khia — known for her 2002 hit, “My Neck, My Back” — who recently called her for not owning her alleged past as a stripper.
“Trina wanna act like she ain’t never did none of that,” Khia said in a recent video. “She was just a Diamond Princess. You can’t do that, girl. You got to keep it 1000.”

In addition to Khia, Trina also took shots at Miami rapper Kim B Rocs. “Y’all hoes plotting trying to get on TV,” she said. “Bitch, guess what? I am the motherf*ckin’ TV. Same one you’ve been looking at for 17 years, punk-ass bitch. And guess what? You can’t get on a motherf*ckin’ show without me.”

WHOA! In other Trina news, she’s rumored to be joining the cash of Love & Hip Hop Miami. But, there’s no confirmation yet.