Here’s An Easy iPhone Trick to Play Your Music Louder

via Hamza Butt / CC-BY-2.0

Hey, you learn something every day… even if its an “old” something.

This little tip surfaced this week, which allows iPhone users to change some settings for optimal musical output.

Twitter user @thebaemarcus offered up this nifty setting that lets you listen to your music louder… with just a few simple clicks.

The screenshot shows you the optimal settings, or you can following the text directions below:

1. Click Settings.
2. Click Music.
3. Click EQ, then make your selection.

The Twitter user said Late Night EQ setting is a fine selection for volume. Or, the Loudness setting is also optimal for achieving loudness. Additionally, you can set additional frequency adjustment settings, including Bass Booster, Hip Hop, Latin, Flat, and Bass Reducer.

Thank us later…