One man was killed and two officers were struck by gunfire, following a shootout in Las Vegas after a guy refused to exit his vehicle.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the man had several stolen cellphones in his truck and when police questioned him, he refused to cooperate and pulled a weapon and opened fire.

Two officers responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle. When they tried to talk to the driver for several minutes, but he refused to exit the vehicle. He eventually pulled a semi-automatic firearm and exchanged gunfire with the officers

The man was killed, while both officers were hit, but are doing ok. One was shot in his gun belt, which did not result in injury; and the other officer was shot in the chest. He’s currently in stable condition.

Police say they believe the shooter had one self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Over stolen cellphones? Is there something we’re missing?

Watch the video of the shooting above and below. Warning, it is graphic.