After Jon Jones knocked him out last weekend at UFC 214, Daniel Cormier was extremely emotional, unable to really express his feelings after the fight.

While he later congratulated Jones on social media, Snoop Dogg is calling him out for “crying like a bitch”.

TMZ recently caught up with the rap icon, who mocked Cormier.

“You see what [Jones] did to D.C. — he had him crying like a bitch,” Snoop said, before offering of an impression of Cormier’s emotional post-fight interview. ” ‘I can’t believe it…’ I can believe it.”

Snoop goes on to say that Cormier had it coming… because he was had a lot to say while Jones was suspended. “You shouldn’t have been talking that sh*t while he was on suspension,” he said.

Jones was suspended for a year last November, following a failed drug test. Before that, he was suspended indefinitely following a hit-n-run accident in 2014 and missed nearly a year.