Two Women & a Man Prepping Lawsuit Against Usher For Herpes

via Ames Friedman / CC-BY-2.0

Looks like Usher’s sex scandal has gotten worse. Following a multi-million dollar lawsuit, three others — one man and two women — have come forward with claims the singer exposed them to herpes.

According to TMZ, all three individuals claim Usher engaged in sexual contact with them after 2012 and failed to reveal that he had herpes.

All three of the accusers are being represented by celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom, who says she plans to filed a lawsuit against Ushers in California.

Bloom is also planning a press conference in New York, with one of the accusers present, while the other two are choosing to remain anonymous.

Last month, a report claimed that Usher paid an ex $1.1 million to settle a 2012 lawsuit, after he allegedly gave her herpes. Since then, another woman has sued him for $40 million, claiming that he transmitted the virus to her as well.

So far, Usher has not publicly responded to the claims.