Watch the “Power Rangers: Cosmic Drift” Teaser For Formula DRIFT

Power Rangers: Cosmic Drift trailer

Here’s a teaser of an upcoming short film featuring the Saban’s Power Rangers, which will premiere at the upcoming Formula DRIFT event this Saturday (Aug. 5).

The short film, titled “Power Rangers: Cosmic Drift”, merges the worlds of the Power Rangers and automobile drifting, while celebrating their shared origins and spiritโ€”born in Japan and loved worldwide. It features Formula DRIFT professional drivers, Matt Field and Chelsea DeNofa, as members of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Cosmic Drift team.

The full cut of “Power Rangers: Cosmic Drift” premieres live at Formula DRIFT Round 5: Throwdown on Aug. 5 at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, WA. For more info, visit the Formula DRIFT website here.