Footage of a man wielding a 2 ft. machete in England surfaced this week. It has a good ending though, because two police officers subdued him without incident.

Back in September 2016, a 19-year-old named Iryan Brown was filmed walking the streets of Brimingham with the weapon and threatening people along the way. However, two plain clothes officers eventually came to the rescue, chasing him down… despite being unarmed.

“Come on, I’ll chop you”, the teen reportedly told the two officers.

He was ultimately wrestled him to the ground and arrested.

Sergeant Dominic Livesey praised the officers’ courage, saying “they acted without hesitation for their own safety to arrest an armed and violent suspect”.

“This was a scary, violent situation that could have ended very differently and with injury to members of the public, had the PCs not responded so bravely and brought the incident to a swift conclusion,” he said.

Applause to a couple police for their bravery and doing the right thing for once! Kudos.