Tyron Woodley Demands Public Apology From Dana White Following Criticism

Tyron Woodley
via Instagram / Tyron Woodley

Despite earning a unanimous decision over Demian Maia at UFC 214, Tyron Woodley wasn’t cheered by the fans at Anaheim’s Honda Center. He was booed.

In the post-news conference UFC president Dana White expressed his displeasure with Woodley’s performance. He said, “If you ask fans if they want to see Woodley fight again, I think that will be a flat out ‘no.’ Who wants to pay to see Tyron Woodley fight again?”

Well, the welterweight champ responded on Monday afternoon (July 31), when he demanded a public apology from White during “The MMA Hour”.

“If you’re going to publicly scrutinize me — Dana White, he needs to apologize to me,” Woodley declare. “I’ve done nothing but good stuff for the sport. I’ve done nothing but be a good [role] model for the organization. I fight with f*cking integrity. I covered your sport from the FOX desk a week before my fight. I always uphold my responsibilities with the organization.”

“The word behind business is ‘man.’ You need to be a man, and owe me a public apology. And if I don’t get that, I’m going to start leaking some sh*t that people don’t want to be out in the wind. I’m not kidding about that.”

Woodley’s performance wasn’t unlike that of a Floyd Mayweather, who does all he can to not get hit and score just enough points to win. Still, it was very uneventful, with little to no action… and fans didn’t like it. The champ’s strategy was to avoid being taken to the ground by Maia, who is arguably the sport’s best submission artist — he submitted three of his last five opponents.

White previously said the winner of the fight would go on to face UFC legend Georges St-Pierre. However, after the boring performance, he said that was no longer happening.

Woodley, too, didn’t appreciate how White communicated that to the media. “When your job title is ‘promoter,’ promote your f*cking fighters. Promote your f*cking champions,” Woodley told “The MMA Hour.” “I don’t have an issue with Dana. But the thing about it is, be a straight shooter to me. That’s how I operate … you come and talk to me. If you thought I had a sh*tty fight? Come pull me to the side before going to the podium. … I’m a communicator. Come to me. I don’t want to hear about it afterwards.”