Macklemore Walks Away Unscathed From Head-On Collision

By Staff  |  08/01/2017


Macklemore was involved in a head-on collision last week... and is okay.

According to TMZ, the rapper was driving in Langley, Washington at around 11 p.m. last Friday (July 28) when a truck came around a bend and into oncoming traffic and hit Macklemore's car.

While Macklemore walked away unscathed, the driver of the truck wasn't wearing a seatbelt, so he slammed his head on the windshield and was rendered unconscious.

The pickup driver will reportedly be charged with a DUI.

Macklemore had two other passengers in his Mercedes-Benz. One person was treated for a minor cut to the head, but all three walked away without serious injury.

The rapper has not commented on the crash.