Martellus Bennett
via Jim Larrison / CC-BY-2.0

NFL brothers Martellus and Michael Bennett were all jokes during an August feature story for ESPN The Magazine.

However, Martellus made one crack that was a bit serious… when he offered his definition for the NFL (National Football League).

“Do you know what the NFL stands for? N*ggas For Lease,” the Patriots tight end declared. “Growing up, Black people never owned anything. I want to build. I want to make.”

Martellus then turned to his brother Michael, who plays defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, asking: “How many Black owners have there been in the history of the NFL?”

Michael replied, “Zero. We’re check getters, not check writers.”

The brothers also shared their grievances with the NFL Players Association, saying change can start there. “Why are we not hiring people who used to work at Microsoft, at Google, Apple?” Michael asked. “We can’t be athletes thinking the way athletes think. We need people who are like: ‘I used to work at Nike. Let’s go to China and create our own shoes.'”

“That’s my problem with the NFLPA,” Martellus added. “I feel like they’re always playing defense and not offense. They’re never making progressive moves.”

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