via Instagram / Boosie

New surfaced earlier this month that someone siphoned $351,000 from Boosie’s bank, which he reported to the authorities.

The rapper believed his info was hacked or accessed after his driver’s license was stolen two years ago. However, it appears it was someone close to him.

According to TMZ, Boosie’s own brother Taquari Hatch made more than a dozen wire transfers to different people, who would give the cash to him. One time, he transferred $80,000, then $50,000 on another and so on.

The report says Taquari even posed as Boosie while on the phone with the bank, but accidentally mentioned his wife — which Boosie’s doesn’t have. This reportedly set off alarms and the bank had the fraud department investigate.

The rapper’s brother was arrested last week on identity theft and fraud charges.