Man Punches Woman in the Face During Road Rage Incident! (Video)

By Staff  |  07/29/2017

There's a lot of cowards out there these days. Why are men out there striking women and thinking its okay! SMH!

In this road rage incident, captured on film, we see a guy get out of his truck and approach a women stopped at a light... and just strike her with a hard closed fist. What a coward!

Yea, the woman may have started this... but does that make it okay to punch a female? As you can see, the woman is shocked, while the guy walks away likes its nothing.

Here's the account from the person filming: "I was following both cars seeing things being thrown from the woman in the car in front at the car behind and started filming at traffic lights. It was around 1pm-1:30 pm and both parties in the film are being interviewed by police."