Conor McGregor mania is at an all-time time, as the UFC star gears up for his megafight with Floyd Mayweahter in August. So, when fans spot him in public, they go crazy.

Kazakhstan bodybuilder Islam Badurgov pranked hundreds of fans in Los Angeles this week, when he delivered his best McGregor impression… complete with the beard, signature sunglasses and even the tattoos.

Although Badurgov looks way more swole than McGregor (who weighs just 155 pounds) and doesn’t sound anything like him, he nailed it… and everyone was fooled.

He popped up at Muscle Beach on Venice Beach with a big entourage and a camera crew, as a large crowd of people followed his every move. Later, he was spotted in traffic in a convertible Bentley, where he wasswarmed by even more fans… who hounded him for either a selfie or autograph.

Watch Badurgov pull off his McGregor impression above.