Justin Bieber accidentally ran over a photographer on Wednesday night (July 26) and TMZ captured the incident on video.

The pop star was surrounded by paparazzi as he left the Saban Theater in Beverly Hill for a church service. He was being photographed and filmed as he climbed into his lifted truck and began to pull.

Unfortunately, as Bieber hit the gas, one photog was in the way and got ran over. As other photogs yelled for him to stop, he immediately got out of the truck to check on the man, who laid on the ground in pain until paramedics arrived.

Police spoke to Justin, who left shortly after and was not cited. Authorities said the photog suffered non-life threatening injuries to his lower body.

A few hours after his hospital visit, the photo posted a video addressing the incident and thanked Bieber.”He’s a good kid. Accidents happen,” he said.