Three inmates of a jail in Orange County, Calif. filmed their escape last year, and the video has surfaced.

Three men made the daring escape from a maximum-security facility in Santa Ana and evaded a statewide manhunt for more than a week, before two were captured and a third turned himself into police.

One of the men’s attorneys released the video, which was edited with music, news coverage of the headlines they made, their time on the run, and finally, the actual escape.

One man lifts a sawed-off bunk bed leg, exposing a previously cut metal screen. Behind it, he disappears into the vent and into plumbing shafts within the walls of the jail. One man even gives a thumbs up as another man films on a cellphone

Apparently, they cut through metal and rebar, climbed into a plumbing tunnel, and finally, atop the jail and down the side of the facility with a makeshift rope.