HBO Unveils “Game of Thrones” Merch With Streetwear Designers

HBO x Game of Thrones x Streetwear

With Season 7 of Game of Thrones underway, HBO has teamed up with a number of streetwear brands for the “Rep the Realm” collection.

The drop will feature new pieces every week to coincide with the show’s episodes, with collection created alongside Carrots, Billionaire Boy’s Club, ALIFE, Dee & Ricky, 40s & Shorties, Koio and V/SUAL.

“Game of Thrones has captivated audiences globally for the past six seasons, immersing us in a world we couldn’t wait to return to week in and week out. In celebration of the seventh season, we are proud to partner with seven unique designers who are creating collectable pieces of clothing and accessories that build upon the creativity and ingenuity of this iconic series to take the themes offscreen and into streetwear,” said Lucinda Martinez, SVP, Marketing at HBO.

Each piece from the “Rep the Realm” collection will be released in extremely limited quantities. Each week, fans will have the chance to win merch after it’s announced via social media. Until then, you can follow the #RepTheRealm hashtag on Twitter.

Below is the Carrots x Game of Thrones designer profile below.