Iggy Azalea Denies Getting Butt Implants

Iggy Azalea
via Instagram / Iggy Azalea

In addition to her forced rap delivery, Iggy Azalea is likely best known for her curvaceous backside… but is it real?

Since she shot onto the scene in 2012, there’s been speculation about whether or not she’s had butt implants or other butt enhancement procedures done. We’ve never heard her address this… until now.

Apparently, Iggy is vehemently denying any such notion.

According to reports, the rapper addressed the rumors during a TV interview in her native Australia. “No I don’t have bum implants,” she said. “They aren’t my real boobs, but it is my real bum. I do have a small waist, I have to work on it — I am never allowed to eat what I want.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Iggy admits to have a number of plastic surgery procedures done… just not to her backside.

Below is a little Iggy booty compilation… if you’re interested. Sure you are.