Looks like there’s beef brewing between Meek Mill and Trick Daddy.

The Miami rap legend took issue with recent comments Meek made on Hot 97, which he interpreted as him calling people in Miami are followers.

“Miami n*ggas are not followers… Don’t use my city or my n*ggas for character references,” Trick said in a video on social media. “I will get out of character. Do not f*ck with me. Dirt bikes, Cuban links, and Yachts? We cocaine cowboys, n*gga.”

However, at a closer listen to Meek’s interview, he appears to be talking about using his influence to motivate the youth… and not actually dissing Miami solely or intentionally. “I don’t think you know. When you see people rolling their skullies up, when you see people with the diamond chains… everybody’s wearing Cuban links, when you see people in Miami on the yachts now on Instagram — that come from the influence of Meek Mill, the Dreamchasers, because they believe us,” Meek told eBron on his Hot 97 morning show (Watch below at the 13:45 mark).

Trick is also demanding that Meek Mill apology not only to him, but also the whole city of Miami.