Peri Audio Unveils Speaker/Battery Case for iPhone 7

Peri Audio Slim Duo

After dropping their battery/speaker case for the iPhone 6 earlier this year, Peri Audio returns with a slimmed down version for the iPhone 7.

The Duo Slim is touted as the only case for the iPhone that features a hi-fi speaker system and battery combined in a super slim design.

The case allows you to play digital audio directly from the iPhone through its speaker system, which boasts a full-range 3-watt speaker for “room filling sound”. It can also extend battery life by 80%. Also, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack connected to the case’s integrated DAC, while you can charge both the case and iPhone via lightning connector.

Peri Audio has launched a pre-sale for the Duo Slim via Indiegogo, starting at $49 USD. Upon its official launch, the Duo Slim will retail for $140 to $150 USD.