Marvel & Lexus Black Panther partnership

Ahead of the Comic-Con 2017, Lexus and Marvel announced a collaboration to pair the 2018 Lexus LC with Black Panther.

With the announcement, Marvel Studios released an official behind-the-scenes photo from the upcoming Black Panther movie, featuring the Marvel character in an action shot atop the vehicle.

To accompany the collaboration, Lexus also teamed with Marvel Custom Solutions to create an original graphic novel, with story by famed writer Fabian Nicieza and cover illustrations by emerging graphic artists Scott “Rahzzah” Wilson and Szymon Kudranski. It will features the Lexus LC 500 with a new, Wakandan spin and its role in helping the Black Panther defeat a legendary villain.

The collaboration includes an exclusive Black Panther-themed event at Comic-Con on Friday (July 21), where six variant covers for the graphic noval will be revealed to guests.

Black Panther hits theaters on Feb. 16, 2018.