Shocking video footage has surfaced of a Baltimore cop appearing to plant drugs to manipulate evidence and arrest a man on false charges.

FOX Baltimore obtained the footage, which is 90 seconds long. It begins with three officers in an alley. The officer’s body camera was not turned on yet, but apparently, the cameras record the 30 seconds prior to activation without sound.

In those 30 seconds, it appears to show the officer planting a bag of pills under trash in the alley, before he and the other officers walk out of the alley to a sidewalk nearby. From there, he activates the camera, turning on the audio recorder, and walks back into the alley where he came.

“I’m going to go check here, hold on,” the officer says, as he looks through the trash where he had just left the drugs about 30 seconds earlier and finds them in a can.

“Yo, hold up,” he tells out to the other officers, holding up the drugs.

A man was arrested and held on $50,000 bail after he was arrested in this case. He had been offered a three-year plea deal and then was given an offer of time-served when the video was discovered, said reports. However, case was eventually dropped altogether.

The video has led to an internal investigation into the officer’s conduct. The current status is unknown.