Cash Money signee Jacquees was booted from a Delta flight out of Atlanta recently… and got into an exchange with a fellow passenger on the way out.

TMZ published a video of the singer being escorted off the plane, after he refused to get off his phone.

On the way out, an upset passenger apparently told him, “Thanks a**hole”, which set Jacquees off.

“Right here. I want him off the flight,” the singer said, pointing at an older gentleman. “What did you just say? Man, you gotta watch your mouth. What if I slapped you though? You just disrespected me, man. You tripping man.”

A source in Jacquees’s blames a male flight attendant for the incident. While the singer was on the phone, he claims he didn’t know it was time to turn off his device… and that’s when flight attendant got extremely pissed and allegedly spewed a racist comment as Jacquees was leaving.

TMZ says Jacquees has filed a complaint against that flight attendant.

Despite the incident, he hopped the next flight, 45 minutes later.