via Twitter / Audiomack

Two streaming platforms geared toward musicians are at war: Audiomack and Soundcloud. Well, one side is.

Audiomack took to Twitter this week, calling out rival Soundcloud, claiming it cares more about its shareholders than it does the artist.

During the week, reports of financial trouble has been coming out of SoundCloud, with rumors of bankruptcy after the company announced it was laying off 40% of its employees and closing down their New York and Berlin offices.

Chance the Rapper even chimed in, tweeting that he had spoken to SoundCloud founder Alex Ljung and Soundcloud is “here to stay.”

Despite the rumored troubles, the official Audiomack Twitter page went on a rant, revealing that they had a past agreement with Soundcloud to benefit the artist… but SC lost sight of what’s important.

Read the full rant below via @AudioMack.


We use to work w/ Soundcloud to support our mutual users until they decided cut off the partnership. We knew by allowing artists to use Soundcloud to create song posts on audiomack that we’d be enabling SC but we still put artists 1st anyway. We offered to pay Soundcloud to allow artists to use their API – so artists can centralize their plays while using our support & reach. They declined our offer. They put their bankers and venture capitalists needs over the artists who helped build their platform. We respect Soundcloud and what they built, but they lost sight of what’s really important, the artist.