After their first meeting in Los Angeles earlier in the week, it didn’t seem like things could get any better. But, the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor press tour continued in Toronto on Wednesday (July 12)… and the sh*t-talking elevated.

The UFC star took the mic first and kicked things off, poking fun at Mayweather’s age and his defensive style of fighting. “28 years of age. I’m getting fight checks and promoter checks. When Floyd was 28, he was on Oscar De La Hoya’s undercard and that’s just facts,” McGregor declared. “Floyd is an old weak bitch. You’re f*cking crazy if you think this man stands a chance. His head is too small. I bounce heads off the canvas. He tip-tap-toes to a decision. He’s never fought a day in his life. He’s a runner. He’s boxing’s biggest bitch.”

And finally, McGregor got down and dirty, bringing up past claims that Mayweather can’t read. “You’re 40 years of age. Dress your f*cking age. Carrying a school bag on stage? What are you doing with a school bag on stage? You can’t even read,” he said, prompting the crowd to erupt in laughter.

Mayweather followed with some trash-talk of his own… and even offered a proposition to Conor. “If you believe in yourself, like you say you believe in yourself, bet your whole fight check you b*tch,” Mayweather screamed.

“No f*cking problem. Send the contract. It’s done,” McGregor replied.

Elsewhere, Mayweather brought up McGregor’s first loss to Nate Diaz, when he tapped due to submission. “He like to quit… what the f*ck is that?” Mayweather said, before taking an Irish flag and wrapping it around him.

The hype around this fight is skyrocketing. Is it Aug. 26th yet?