Microsoft Introduces new Seeing AI App for iPhone

Microsoft just released a new iOS app for the iPhone that is actually a lot more useful than those fidget spinner games.

Dubbed “Seeing AI”, the app lets you scan different objects or items with your native camera and identifies themĀ for you. In the introductory video, you see the app used on a female and it actually describes if they’re happy or not.

The app is a huge narration to the visual world. It will be of a big help that to those that are visually impaired, as it also can scan paperwork and read them back to you. Making sure you hear every word on the document, the app will notify you if the whole ledger isn’t visible, then prompting you in which direction to move the phone.

It’s crazy to believe how advanced technology has gotten. You can download the “Seeing AI” app now in the App Store, with an Android version expected soon.