DMX in Deep With the IRS, Facing 14 Counts of Tax Evasion

via Rzom / CC-BY-2.0

Surprise, surprise… DMX is behind on his taxes.

According to TMZ, the rapper legend has been charged with 14 counts of tax evasion.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office says that DMX has been concealing his income for years… totaling about $1.7 million in unpaid taxes.

The rapper has been banking cash since the early 2000s, but IRS officials say he’s been hiding his money by avoiding the use of personal bank accounts. Instead, he uses accounts of surrogates, such as business managers, and lived mostly on cash.

Docs say DMX listed his income in 2011 and 2012 as “unknown”, when he really made $353,000 and $542,000, respectively. In 2013, he reported just $10,000 in income, when he really made $250,000.

In convicted on all 14 counts, DMX could face up to 44 years in prison.