Wow! Police Raid Cali Hookah Lounge Military Style!

By Staff  |  07/12/2017

Police in Merced, Calif. raided a local hookah lounge over the weekend... like they were the military coming in martial law style.

Apparently, a large melee broke out at Chandelier’s Hookah Lounge & Smoke Shop on Main Street after a team of police raided the space... and fired off at least one round from an anti-riot gun, said reports.

A 21-year-old working as private security during the event filmed the footage, and told the Merced Sun Star that just as party was breaking up at nearly 1 am, police arrived.

The video shows the officers getting into confrontations with people in the crowd, with one officer seen with a large weapon. He fires a round in the side of a man who appears to be involved in a confrontation with another officer.

Wow!! Seems like a bit much for a private hookah lounge.