Since reports surfaced that Floyd Mayweather has petitioned the IRS to allow him to pay off his tax debt after his fight with Conor McGregor, the boxer has responded… and more details have surfaced.

First, it was previously unknown how much Floyd owed. According to a federal tax lien filed by the IRS, the boxer owes $22.2 million in unpaid taxes from 2015 — the year he fought Manny Pacquiao and pocketed over $200 million.

After a few days of mockery and taunts by McGregor, Mayweather finally responded on Tuesday (July 12), during the Mayweather-McGregor press conference in Los Angeles, a video for and on social media.

Onboard a private jet, he laughed off reports that he’s behind on his taxes while FightHype was filming. “Last time I checked, it’s still right there,” Floyd boasted while showing off a check dated 2015 for $100 million. “Man, it’s still right there. I still got it. Just for the record. I still got $100 million that I ain’t even touched.”

“I still have all my properties. My money investments still come in. I’m still happy. I’m still living good. I’m still on private jets. Still got my staff,” he continued. “… We doing fine.”

Mayweather showed off the same check to the public during the McGregor press conference as well.

After the event, he took to Instagram, posting the edge of what appears to be his books, showing a total of $26 million, which he claims he’s paid to the IRS.

“Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear, especially when it comes to media in this country,” Mayweather wrote in the caption. “While everyone is counting my money and assuming the worst, these are the facts… Uncle Sam, received $26,000,000.00 from me in 2015! What else could they possibly want? I’m sure I would have been notified much sooner if there were any real discrepancies right? Bottom line, everybody just wants to be a part of the ‘Money May’ show, including the IRS!”