Eminem Recalls First Meeting & Studio Session With Dr. Dre

via HBO

Eminem’s story has been told, but he offered a few more details in Dr. Dre’s HBO docuseries, The Defiant Ones.

In this brief clip from the film, Em and Dre recall their first meeting, which was also the first time they were in the studio together.

Dre says Em came to the meeting in a bright yellow tracksuit and had a fan moment, telling him how much of an influence the producer has been on his life. From there, Dre put on an instrumental and Em immediately began rapping: “Hi, my name is… my name is… Slim Shady”.

It would be his very first single from Eminem and helped him break into the mainstream.

“I’m like, ‘STOP! Sh*ts hot.’ That’s what happened our first day and the first few minutes of us being in the studio,” Dre recalled.

You can stream all the episode of The Defiant Ones now on HBO NOW.