Wow! This is all bad. It’s unclear what this man did, but after a K-9 subdued a suspect, the cops were unable to stop the dog from attacking him.

A man in San Diego, Calif. filmed as cops tried to get their K-9 to stop biting a man… even after they had him handcuffed and on the ground. “Why can’t you call your dog off?” the man asks the officer, as the suspect screams in agony. “Why is it still ripping his arm?”

Two other officers jump in the mix and hold the guy’s legs down, as the K-9 continues to maul his arm. OUCH!

“Hey, shut up and get back,” one officer replies.

“This K-9 officer had no control of his K-9. There is something definitely wrong with this picture. The officer doesn’t seem to have the proper training,” the guy wrote in the caption of the video.