Some of the world’s best athletes not only use skill, but also their creativity to redefine their sport. With this, they can inspire others, spark a movement and change things — not only on the field or court, but also on the street.

With that said, Adidas is celebrating this with a new campaign, dubbed “Create Positivity” — the latest in the adidas Sport17 brand campaign a series of 75-second hero films.

The shorts will shine a spotlight on how athletes change the conversation in their sport… with a single act of creativity that can bring rival teams together and unify athletes against a cause.

In this clip, specifically, we see athletes in baseball, football, soccer and basketball that chance the game.

In tandem with, and complementing the message of the “Create Positivity” campaign, adidas will kick off the “adidas Unleashed” series — a long-term grassroots initiative developed by adidas for one purpose: to inject creativity into sport and spark positivity.

The program invites high school athletes to share in immersive experiences at five camps this summer: 7v7 (Football), High Performance Championship (Volleyball), LVL3 (Basketball), Elite Soccer Program (Soccer) and East Coast Pro (Baseball).

“adidas Unleashed” kicks off in Los Angeles with a football experience on July 12, followed by volleyball from July 18-22 in Ft. Lauderdale, basketball from July 27-28 in Las Vegas; baseball from August 1-4 in Tampa and soccer from July 30 – August 5 in Chicago. For more info, visit the website here.