21 Savage Issa Emoji Set

Fresh off the release of his Issa Album, 21 Savage keeps the momentum going, releasing a set of new iMessage emojis.

Created in partnership with Emoji Fame, you can flip the switch and put smartphone into “Savage Mode”.

The set consists of 21 of the rapper’s favorite things, including ski-masks, knives and cash. It also features exaggerated facial expressions, as well as as few 21 Savage easter eggs, buried deep in the the rolex, blackjack, perc, and money counting emojis.

“21 Savage is one of the most exciting young rappers out right now and this emoji set reflects his energy and spirit,” said Gavin Rhodes, co-founder of Emoji Fame. “It’s equal parts hard and mischievous.”

21 Savage’s new Issa Emoji set is available now in the App Store.