Eminem and 2 Chainz
via Instagram / 2 Chainz

Fresh off the release of his Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, 2 Chainz opens up about how he landed a collaboration with Eminem.

During an interview with DJ Drama, the ATL Rapper explained. “That’s how I know I can rap,” he said. “[Eminem] didn’t want to talk about nothing but rap and that was a great phone call to get.”

2 Chainz goes on to say that the song the two did together was recorded at Rick Rubin’s house during BET Awards weekend, and will appear on Em’s next project.

Apparently, at first, Em just wanted some adlibs and to redo a hook, but 2 Chainz went to meet him and it turned into more. “He let me hear this song and it was funny,” 2 Chainz explained. “I heard some things in there where his vernacular was 2 Chainz-y. It was crazy.”

“I’m feelin’ like, I’m fin’a knock home out. I’m supposed to feel that way. I’m feeling like, I’m fin’a give it to him. I just did a song with Royce 5’9 and I gave him some of the ATL flavor. I gave him somethin’.”

After the song was done, Em gave 2 Chainz props. “When it was over, Eminem came in and said, ‘How the hell you rhyme tabernacle with Adam’s apple?'”

Later, 2 Chainz said the two also talked about the music they’ve been listening to lately… and apparently, Em has been listening to 2 chainz. “Em was telling me he listens to Kendrick and he listens to me,” Chainz said. “He was telling me a lot of my metaphors give him anxiety because he never knows what I’m gonna say…I’m like, ‘It’s really an honor with you saying this because we know where you are as far as the food chain.’”