Blac Chyna
via Instagram / Blac Chyna

After their very public back-n-forth this week, beginning with Rob Kardashian leaking nude photos of Blac Chyna, he has reportedly cut her off financially.

According to TMZ, Rob has told Chyna that he will no longer make payments on her rental home in Tarzana.

She also had two cars and jewerly that he gifted her, which she has apparently returned.

Furthermore, Chyna is said to be fine with paying her own rent, believing she has the “earning power post-Rob”, writes TMZ, following their reality show and fame from consistent headlines.

As for their daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian, they’re both reportedly “unlikely” to head to court for custody or financial assistance… at least for now.

That’s the latest in the Rob-Chyna saga. Stay tuned for more…