21 Savage is in love with Amber Rose… and ain’t afraid to show it. He’s also very protective of her.

During a recent interview on Real 92.3 LA, the ATL rapper opened up about his relationship with Amber and how things are going. “We’ve just been kicking it, man, you know?” 21 Savage said. “She’s a real cool woman. She treats me like a king, you know. It is what it is.”

From there, however, he threatened physical violence to anyone who disrespects his woman. “No disrespect will be tolerated at all. Keep your mouth closed. No hoes, no bitches, no nothing. Because I’m pullin’ up. On God,” 21 Savage declared.

The radio hosts went on to ask the rapper if he’s learned anything from Amber, being that she’s 9 years older then him. The 24-year-old rapper jokingly admitted: “She makes me do sh*t that I don’t normally do, like take vitamins and drink water.”

TMZ cameras caught up with the couple on Friday night (July 7) the a release party for his Issa Album project and asked the couple more questions. “Is this the happy couple?” he cameraman asked.

“Very happy,” 21 Savage replied, before being asked if things are moving too fast. “Nah, it ain’t moving too fast. We been doing this, y’all just didn’t know about it.”

The rapper also reiterated his promise to anyone who disrespects Amber. “I’mma beat they ass. Straight up”.