The Venice, Calif. home of UFC star Travis Browne and Ronda Rousey was burglarized back in April… and apparently, he hunted them down.

Ronda revealed the news during a recent visit to Live With Kelly and Ryan, saying a group of kids stole jewelry, guns, headphones, credit cards and even her Olympic rings. That’s not all, though.  They even squatted there for a few days and slept in her bed, as shown in her security footage.

After reviewing the footage they had, they found out that it was skateboarders. With a skate park near their home, Browne paid the kids a visit.

“I was staring at them like, ‘You motherf*ckers!’ You’re lucky that I have the [self-control] to not beat the dog sh*t out your ass,” he said in a video published by TMZ.

Instead of giving them a beating, Browne called the cops… and asked them if he could offer his own punishment. “I was like, ‘How about give me 5 minutes with him alone?'”

It’s unclear if anyone was arrested, but they definitely dodged an ass whipping of a lifetime.