DeMar DeRozan Lands First Canadian Cover For “NBA 2K18”

DeMar DeRozan First Canadian Cover For NBA 2K18

Following the announcement that Cleveland Cavs star Kyrie Irving has landed the cover of NBA 2K18, we have another cover announcement.

2K announced this week that Toronto Raptors star DeMar DeRozan has been tapped for first-ever Canadian cover for NBA 2K18.

“It’s a huge honor to be recognized on the first-ever Canadian cover for NBA 2K and represent the Raptors after eight years with the team. The fans up here are super passionate about basketball, so it’s cool to help introduce a cover that’s just for them,” DeRozan said of the cover.

Unfortunately, the Canadian cover for NBA 2K18 is only available in Canada.

NBA 2K18 hits stores on Sept. 19. Pre-order your copy now at Amazon. To pre-order the Canada cover, visit the 2K website here.