Cruise Around This Summer With New Penny Longboard V2

Penny Longboard V2

For seven years, Penny Skateboards has been providing vibrant, fun plastic skateboards for the type of skater that likes to cruise around town in style. These skateboards have caught the attention of many people of various ages and skating styles.

One of their latest offerings, the Seafoam-colored Penny Longboard V2, has definitely caught our attention and we were able to take it for a test-drive around California’s coastline.

Here are some of the new things we liked about the new Penny Longboard V2:

  • For those that have never been good at skateboarding, the Penny Longboard V2 is a perfect board to practice with. The 180mm inverted trucks are set into the deck to be lower to the ground. With this new configuration, it allowed us to have an easier time pushing off and setting our foot on the ground to break with ease. It also provided greater stability and side to side control over the board while in motion.

Penny Longboard V2

  • Safety is the number one worry when it comes to skateboarding. The fear of hitting a small pebble that instantly stops your wheels and have you flying across the pavement — as if Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince threw you out the front door — is a very real concern to address. The wheels of the Longboard V2 come with a set of smaller wheels that allowed us to have the smoothest ride to plow over those dreadful pebbles.
  • Penny Boards are composed with several different components to make them the strongest plastic skateboard around. With the recent Longboard V2, they were able to enhance their “secret formula” to give the board a greater flex control and strength, ensuring it doesn’t shy away from the ride-ability we’ve become accustomed to. The slight change in the “secret formula” also allowed for the board to weigh less, giving it a lighter ride and making it easier carry around.

The Penny Longboard V2 has been an absolute treat to cruise around the beach. In fact, it’s become something stays in my car for those spontaneous moments to ride again.

Learn more about Penny Skateboards HERE.