Floyd Mayweather has never suffered a loss, going 49-0 in his legendary career. He made a living not from knocking out his opponents, but by picking them apart with counter-punching and playing defense — arguably the best we’ve ever seen.

However, there’s been a few times in Floyd’s career that he was rocked hard. With his fight against UFC star Conor McGregor a little over a month away, here’s a look at the five times he was hurt or buckled by a hard shot.

In the clip, we see fighters like moments during fights against Marcos Maidana, Zab Judah, Shane Mosley, Carlos Hernández and DeMarcus Corley … where Mayweather is momentarily stunned or visibly hurt.

Hernandez was the only fighter to officially score a knockdown against Mayweather, when he caught him with a shot that saw Floyd touch the canvas with his glove during their 2001 fight — the only official knockdown of his career.

Judah got close in 2006, when he made him touch the canvas with his glove, though the judge ruled it a slip. Judah landed a few more blows later in the fight, but ultimately lost. Mosley also caught the Mayweather with a few hard shots in their 2010 fight that appeared to buckle him. And finally, Corley landed several hard shots throughout their 2004 fight that had him against the ropes.

Despite the efforts, Mayweather went on to win all the aforementioned fights via unanimous decision — the likely outcome of Floyd’s upcoming megafight against McGregor.

After watching the clip, it’s fair to say Mayweather has a solid chin, in addition to his world-class defense.