Joe Budden has consistently said he’s retired as an artist, but as of late, he’s remained in the culture on the other side, as a podcaster and commentator (via his Complex show “Everyday Struggle”).

If you follow Joe’s show, he’s been critical of hip-hop’s newest artist… especially Lil Yachty.

One newer artist has taken issue with Budden: Memphis rapper Young Dolph.

The rapper took to social media to express his feelings about the veteran, saying he’s sick of it all. “Man, I’m so sick of these old ass n*ggas like Joe Buddens hating on these muthaf*ckin’ young n*ggas ’cause we out here getting this money like we getting,” Dolph says.

Dolph goes on to point out that Budden wasn’t in control of his career… at its peak. “Ask that n*gga Joe Budden was he a muthaf*ckin’ CEO when he was rapping. When he was at the best of the best, ask that n*gga if he was the CEO of his f*cking label. The f*ck outta here. Lame ass n*gga,” Dolph continues.

What do you think? Does Young Dolph have a point? Or, are you siding with Joe Budden?