It’s no secret that YG isn’t the biggest fan of President Donald Trump. He released a song called “F*ck Donald Trump” and even named a tour the same title.

Although Trump has been in office for several months now, the Compton rapper isn’t backing down from the stance. During a recent interview with Montreality, YG was asked what he thinks the biggest lie in the world is. His answer took aim at Trump.

“Right now the biggest lie is Trump trying to make America great again. That’s the biggest lie right now,” he said. “The whole system is corrupted, and it ain’t really what they say it is. It’s all really politics and who you know behind the scenes and sh*t. You think sh*t is a certain way, but it’s really not. It’s really no rules. They playing the game on politics, relationships. They ain’t even going by the law, they playing ball how they playing ball.”

Elsewhere, YG offered up a list of policies he’d implement if he were ever elected as the President of the United States.

“If I was President, I’d give all the families across the motherf*ckin’ United States $100,000 and see what they’d do with it. If I was President, I’d give them an extra $100,000 for Christmas. If I was President, you wouldn’t be sitting in jail for crimes that’s not violent, you wouldn’t be doing too much time for crime that’s not violent. If I was President, more motherf*ckers would get off the life sentence. If I was President, everybody would go to college for free. If I was President, all the food in the grocery stores would be organic. If I was President, all these police motherf*ckin’ killin innocent black people for no reason, they’d be doing life in prison. If I was President, f*ck that, slaughter they ass, chop they neck off.”

YG said he’d also offer up free college, among other things.