Marijuana Has Become Legal in Las Vegas

Smoking marijuana
via Chuck Grimmett / CC-BY-2.0

Las Vegas officially declared marijuana legal for recreational use over the weekend, less than eight months after Nevada voters passed theย law.

Large crowds gathered at dispensaries during the weekend rollout and police said there were no issues.

Although it’s legal for adults 21 and older to buy and possess up to an ounce of marijuana, consuming it in public remains illegal.

Some Nevada officials and residents are skeptical about the legalized pot measure, but supporters believe that due to the state’s booming year-round tourism, they could see an even larger boost… and sizable tax revenue.

Former mayor Oscar Goodman tells the L.A. Times he never thought legal marijuana would come to Sin City, but likes it. “We in Las Vegas have always been on the cutting edge of all things necessary to make us the adult wonderland. This is all a part of a lifestyle,” he said.

Goodman purchased a $21 box of marijuana-infused coffee grounds on the first day.

On Saturday (July 1), Nevada joined four other states to allow recreational marijuana, including Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.